Seared scallops, collards, and corn 7/1/21

Seared scallops with collards and corn

The only negative thing I can say about this dinner is that there were not enough scallops!! We have been getting frozen scallops at Costco in the counter with the fish for ages but the past two times that we have looked the only scallops were smaller ones in the frozen food cases. It is harder to cook these smaller ones and get a good sear. We like U-12s and the scallops I am writing about are sea scallops not bay scallops.

We first had collards and corn with shellfish at La Salette in Sonoma, CA. Now I make it frequently with shellfish since the corn is an especially good pairing with shrimp or scallops. After cutting out the center stem of the collard green leaves, I roll them up and cut thin strips about the size of fettuccine. I give the greens a good rinse. I like to cook some sliced garlic first in a little olive oil spray and then put them aside while I make the rest of the dish. I use frozen corn so I put that in the pan to thaw it before I add the collard strands, When the collards go in the pan just the water clinging to them from the rinsing is enough to cook them. I add a little sugar if the collards are especially bitter and sometimes a teaspoon of butter. The sautéed garlic is added back in at the end. The whole cooking take about 5 minutes.

As long as you don’t overcook the scallops this is a fantastic dinner. Although scallops are pricy there is no waste and two people can dine royally on about 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound. It is also extremely low in calories. How often do dieters get a really delicious meal?! Treat yourself. Have some scallops for dinner.

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