Penne and chickpeas with greens and mozzarella. 6/30/21

Penne and chickpeas with kale, tomatoes, and mozzarella pearls

Since I do not eat much cheese, this recipe is a real treat for me. Of course, if you are eating strictly vegan you should omit the mozzarella pearls (a product by Bel Gioso that I found at WalMart.) The addition of chickpeas meant that fewer ounces of pasta were needed but you still get a filling, hearty dinner. We used 5 ounces of whole grain penne but I think we could manage with 4 ounces for the two of us.

This is another one of those NYtimes recipes that is behind a paywall but it is so straightforward that you really don’t need a recipe. While your water heats to a boil sauté some onions, garlic, and red pepper flakes in a little oil. Add the cherry tomatoes and the stems of whatever green you are using. When the pasta has about three minutes left add the leafy greens. Right before you pour the drained pasta (don’t forget to reserve a cup of pasta water!) into the vegetables add the chickpeas. Stir everything around with the reserved pasta water. Add the mozzarella pearls right before serving and garnish with some torn up basil. Yum!

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