Seared tuna in tiger’s milk with edamame salad and rice. 8/3/21

Seared tuna in tiger’s milk with edamame salad and rice

A couple of times when we have been out to dinner we have ordered some fish that was in a Peruvian ceviche of tiger’s milk. Tiger’s milk is a spicy lime marinade which if you make it according to the recipe uses raw fish in the preparation of the sauce. The lime juice and chiles are added to a blender along with the raw fish (and a couple of other things) and zapped until smooth. The whole concoction is then passed through a sieve.

We did not make ours that way. We used some clam juice for the fish component which made it thinner. Then we kept adding stuff like sesame oil, fish sauce, and some sweetener until it tasted similar to what we expecting. John seared the tuna first and then we let it sit in the tiger’s milk for 10 minutes so the fish firmed up some. It was not exactly like our restaurant food but it was pretty good.

I made a salad of edamame, corn, tomatoes, and basil with a little oil, a few drops of sesame oil, and red wine vinegar. It turned out well. John also made some rice to go along with the rest of the dinner.

We both enjoyed our experiment and it did not heat up the kitchen much. I think we will continue to work on the tiger’s milk but having a new preparation for fish is a great!

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