Salad days. 8/25/21

Mixed greens salad with chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, and pepperoncini

I seem to be in the post-vacation doldrums. I planned out my menu and even bought what I needed to make it but I am just not executing my plan. Both Monday and Wednesday this week I just did not feel like cooking. On Wednesday I ate an artichoke, some popcorn, and the pictured salad for dinner.

Being a morning person I have the most energy and enthusiasm for doing things before noon. I would probably be better off making and eating dinner for breakfast, lunch at lunchtime, and breakfast for dinner. But the rest of my household does not work that way. Much of the time I manage my asynchronous eating pattern by prepping a lot of dinner earlier in the day. On Tuesday I had made the rutabagas and prepped the broccoli before lunch.

In looking at the picture of my salad this morning, it looks quite appealing. I know that last night I was really craving those chickpeas which I know is weird. Hopefully by tonight my head will be straightened out and I will make the penne with kale and mushrooms!

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