Chicken Marsala, rutabagas, and broccoli. 8/24/21

Sautéed chicken cutlets with a mushroom Marsala sauce, mashed rutabagas, and broccoli

You might look at this picture and think that John and I are still splurging but, no. This dinner is totally on our healthy eating plan! My plate is comprised of a small amount of chicken breast, a sauce made out of a packet of chicken gravy (25 calories for 1/4 cup) which John has substituted in a little Marsala in place of water and then cooked it down to remove most of the alcohol. Rutabagas count as a vegetable. I make them in the Instant Pot cooked for 15 minutes at high pressure and then a pressure release after 10 minutes. Plus we have broccoli, the vegetable that is always in season, which I cooked in a little water and tossed with some faux butter.

So here it is Wednesday and since we started back eating correctly I have lost over two pounds of the three that I gained. I am really pleased and I know if I just eat what is on my menu for the week that by next weigh-in day (Monday) I will be back under my goal. It is great to know that I can have a wonderful vacation week and still stay in control.

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