Mahi mahi sticks with leeks and zucchini. 8/28/21

Lightly breaded mahi mahi with braised leeks and zucchini

About a month ago we tried making fish sticks out of mahi mahi and it was good but the coating sort of fell off and got too dark before the fish cooked. This time instead of pinko breadcrumbs we used regular bread crumbs and the result was much better. Last time John used a combination of yellow mustard and light mayo to make the breadcrumbs stick to the fish but this time he used Dijon mustard with mayo and the result was not as good. It turned out a little too salty and spicy which masked the delicate flavor of the fish. The third time will be the charm, just the right coating with just the right breadcrumbs!

Figuring that the breadcrumbs would be the starch factor for the dinner, I made a large side of braised leeks with zucchini, Fresno chile, and garlic. I braised the leeks in chicken stock but I think veg stock would work just as well, or even water. (Idea! To make this dish vegan coat and very shallow fry extra firm tofu and serve it with the leeks and zucchini!) In any case leeks are delicious and the striped Italian zucchini from our daughter’s garden made our dinner extra-special! Garnish with basil or another herb of your choice and a good squeeze of lemon.

I am happy to report that as of the morning after this meal I am back under my goal weight (by a tiny two tenths of a pound.) It took me a week to lose what I gained on our week’s vacation. I did it by eating exactly the plate that you have seen on my blog this week plus a reasonable breakfast and lunch. I feel empowered!!

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