Grilled flank steak and three vegetables. 11/9/21

Grilled flank steak with sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower rice

I have been trying to add more vegetables and cut back on carbs at dinner. Since starchy foods are my favs, this move often leaves me grumpy. Tonight’s dinner of three veggies with grilled flank steak left me full and happy tonight.

The hardest part of this dinner is to get all the veg and the steak finished cooking at the same time. I often overestimate how long the grilling will take and end up with underdone vegetables. Tonight I started the Brussel sprouts ahead of John’s grilling of the steak which gave them time to get brown. The broccoli almost got burnt because I was paying too much attention to the sprouts! And the cauliflower rice was just an easy warm up in the microwave.

Poor John, he ended up with only steak, rice, and Brussel sprouts. My plate was much fancier. I did not miss the rice at all!

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