Chicken enchiladas with spicy slaw. 11/19/21

Chicken enchiladas with salsa verde and spicy slaw

In the recipe for these chicken enchiladas there are four sections.1) cook the chicken 2) make the salsa verde 3) heat the tortillas in hot oil and 4) assemble and bake in a casserole dish. Daunting!

My four steps are 1) shred the rotisserie chicken 2) open a jar of salsa verde 3) spray tortillas and heat in oven and 4) assemble and bake. Easy!

With all my spare time I made a spicy slaw which was a package of cabbage mix, green onions, bell pepper, and sliced kale. For the spicy part I made a dressing of mayo and medium spicy salsa with a dash of cumin.

In our house shortcuts are definitely acceptable!

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