Valentine’s Lamb chops and sheet pan veg. 2/14/22

Valentine’s Day lamb chops with sheet pan butternut squash and Brussels sprouts

We had delicious grilled lamb chops for Valentine’s Day. John grilled them perfectly. I was in charge of the vegetables (as usual.) I bought a packet of already peeled and chopped butternut squash which I have decided is worth the extra money. When I buy a whole butternut squash the peeling and chopping is a real chore and usually there is too much squash for the two of us. I put the squash and the sprouts in a 425F oven for about 25 minutes after shaking them in a bag with a little olive oil and salt.

Looking through my food pictures I am always struck by how unattractive meat looks. The vegetable dishes I make are always so much more vibrant and make the plates look appetizing.

It has been quite a while since our last red meat dinner. Our dining has become almost exclusively plant-based, seafood, or chicken. It is a much healthier and planet-friendly way to eat. It was really tasty last night but I do not find myself yearning to have more.

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