Chicken and gravy with mixed mash, broccoli and leek. 3/21/22

Rotisserie chicken warmed in gravy with mixed rutabaga and potato mash, and sheet pan roasted vegetables with nuoc cham

This was an easy, tasty dinner with the vegetables stealing the show. I had a little left over rutabaga mash from last Monday so I decided to extend it with a potato. Rather than peel the potato, cut it up and, and boil it I decided to just put the whole potato in the microwave and cook it until it was done (about 8 minutes on high.) Handling the potato while it was still hot I was able to easily slip off the skin. Then I mashed the potato and mixed it with the rutabaga.

For the broccoli and leek I tossed them in some vegetable oil and salt and put them in a 425F oven for about 15 minutes.The leek was getting pretty crispy by then. I made a nuoc cham sauce and poured it over them while they were still hot..

This was a very successful meal. The nuoc cham gave the whole dish a salty boost of umami. Rather than the same old same old our dinner took on a new and pleasing dimension.

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