Chicken Marsala, mashed potatoes, asparagus. 10/8/22

Chicken Marsala with mushrooms, asparagus

I made mashed potatoes specifically to eat with the Marsala sauce. Unfortunately the Marsala sauce turned out way too sweet and booze-y but the mashed potatoes alone were quite delicious. Usually when we make this we use a shortcut and add the Marsala as part of the liquid in a packet of chicken gravy and then boil it to get rid of the alcohol. Then we add some rotisserie chicken and sautéed mushrooms. Somehow John’s measurements were off.

Growing up I was on mashed potato duty every night. My father really liked mashed potatoes. Due to my overload of them as a kid I rarely make them now. And of course I am very parsimonious with the butter and use low-fat milk to mash them with. Still, they tasted pretty yummy. Having the asparagus is a treat. Asparagus prices have been lower lately since it must be Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. Asparagus needs no embellishment.

I wish dinner had turned out better but you can’t win them all!

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