Roasted tilapia, sheet pan veg, and mustard sauce. 10/11/22

Roasted tilapia with sheet pan cabbage, carrots, and green beans with mustard sauce

The trickiest thing about making this dinner was to get everything finished cooking at the same time. I pre-heated my oven to 425F convect. I knew the carrots and cabbage would take about 30 minutes and the green beans about 15 minutes. But we also had to worry about the fish which John normally cooks for 15 minutes at 400F. As it turned out, he put the tilapia in the oven with 15 minutes to go and the fish cooked in only 10 minutes so we covered it to keep it warm while the veg finished up its last 5 minutes.

I served the fish and vegetables with a mustard sauce made up of equal parts (in this case 1 tablespoon each) of Dijon mustard, whole grain mustard, light mayonnaise, and water stirred together. Really easy, delicious, and goes well with both the fish and the vegetables.

I love the look of the cabbage! It looks like a piece of lemon meringue pie!

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