Greek salad with hummus and pita. 10/19/22

Greek salad with hummus and pita

Our recalcitrant avocado has decided to wait another day to ripen. Apparently the apple in the bag that is supposed to make it ripen faster has made a pact with the avocado to lengthen its time on earth. Who thought fruits and vegetables could be so sly?! John and I looked over this week’s menu to find something else that we could make for dinner with minimal preparation. Since for some inexplicable reason the temperature outside is 93F in the middle of October, we decide to make the Greek salad and hummus which we were planning on for Saturday.

We were a little short of lettuce so we stretched the greens with cabbage and kale. Other additions were pepperoncini, red onion, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, a Serrano chile, and crumbled feta cheese. I dressed my salad with some no-fat salad dressing I had made. The hummus was straight out of a container from the store and the pita was my favorite, Toufayan whole wheat pita.

We enjoyed our dinner with its salty, spicy tang from the salad and the creaminess of the hummus. I will need to remember this dinner next summer when we are looking for a no-cook dinner.

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