Fusilli with mushrooms, broccoli, and kale 10/18/22

Fusilli with mushrooms, broccoli, and kale

Tonight we were supposed to have a tofu bowl for dinner. However apparently no one told the avocado it was supposed to be ripe by Tuesday and so it sits stubbornly in its clipped paper bag with only an apple as a companion. I picked an unripe avocado on purpose when I went to the store last Friday. I wanted to make sure it would stay unripe until Tuesday. As of right now it looks like we will not be eating a tofu bowl until at least Thursday.

So, what to do. I still wanted to go the vegan/vegetarian route and I want to save the pita and hummus meal for a hotter day. Pasta to the rescue. It takes no convincing anybody at our house to eat pasta. I had some broccoli that definitely needed eating and some new kale that would make a nice base. I cooked the mushrooms first, followed by the onions and garlic. When the pasta went into the boiling water I added the broccoli to the vegetables and kept them on low. The fusilli was done in about 7 minutes and I turned up the heat under the vegetables and the pasta joined them. I added about a cup of pasta water and cooked it all together for three minutes. A small glug of olive oil and a few basil leaves finished the dish.

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