Chicken enchiladas and spicy black beans. 10/27/22

Chicken enchiladas and spicy black beans

Usually when we make enchiladas John heats the tortillas on the stove’s open flame and then hands them off to me. This method means I have to cradle this hot tortilla in my hand and try to fill it fast enough that I don’t get burned. Plus often they are too crispy and not pliable. I looked up various recipes which called for lightly frying them or dipping the tortillas in hot enchilada sauce. Both methods seemed to have similar problems. I decided that since the whole casserole of enchiladas was going to bake in the oven anyway that I would just use the tortillas raw.

I have to admit that a couple of the tortillas tore a little when I rolled them up but once they were nestled against one another and covered in sauce and cheese no one could tell the difference. And I did not get burned in the process. So win-win!

I stuffed the tortillas with shredded chicken, sautéed onions and peppers (including a spicy habanero), cheese and a drizzle of salsa verde. I put them in a 8×12” baking dish which was coated with the salsa verde. Nine tortillas fit down the length of the dish with another two along the side. I covered the top with more salsa verde, the remaining onions and peppers, and a sprinkling of Mexican blend shredded cheese. The casserole baked at 350F for 30 minutes.

Along with some black beans which were spiced up with a can of Rotel our dinner was solidly in the category of “family favorite.”

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