Taco Tuesday – carnitas! 12/6/22

Instant Pot carnitas tacos with Southwest salad

Pork butt (shoulder) was on sale this week for $1.87/lb. So we thought we would buy a small one and try making carnitas in the Instant Pot for some dinners and lunches. We followed this recipe from the Well plated blog. The recipe calls for the pork butt to be cut into four pieces which John ignored so it was not done after the first 45 minutes. At that point he cut it into four pieces and gave it another go and it turned out perfectly. It was easy to shred with two forks right in the pot.

A quick broil in the oven while the tortillas heated up finished the carnitas. In my tacos I included salsa, cabbage, avocado crema, and onions. I served a prepackaged Southwest salad from Taylor Farms to round out the dinner.

I am sure you could do this dish in a slow cooker or in a Dutch oven. It just needs to cook slowly for a long time until it is fork tender. The Instant Pot merely speeded up the process. We really enjoyed our inexpensive Taco Tuesday. We rarely have pork so it was a treat!

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