Grilled lamb chops, polenta, broccoli. 12/28/22

Grilled loin lamb chops, polenta, and broccoli

Delicious meal tonight! John grilled these lamb chops to perfection. Each one is like a little porterhouse steak. We made a special trip to Costco for them. A lot of regular grocery stores don’t carry much lamb but we can always count on Costco to have boneless leg of lamb, rack of lamb, and loin lamb chops. At $7.99/lb. They seem like a luxe bargain. We got a pack of eight. John cooked them all for the three of us and there was nothing left but bones.

We use Bob’s Red Mill polenta and make it at a ratio of 5.5 liquid to 1 part polenta. Since we were having a splurge night I put a little butter and cheese in it. Normally we just eat it without added fat and it gets flavor from salt, garlic, and bay leaves. Broccoli goes really nicely with the polenta.

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