Chilean sea bass, farro mix, broccoli. 1/2/23

Oven roasted Chilean sea bass, farro/cauliflower rice mix, and sautéed broccoli

I am starting off the new year with one of the best “diet” dinners in our repertoire, Chilean sea bass with delicious sides. John roasted the sea bass in a 400F oven for 13 minutes. It was flavored with olive oil, salt, garlic powder, Old Bay, and tarragon. It turned out super luscious. While John and our daughter finished up the leftover mashed potatoes from New Year’s Eve, I made a combo of half farro and half cauliflower rice seasoned with soy sauce. Broccoli is often our go-to vegetable. I cooked it in a splash of water and a pat of butter.

I am happy to stay on this diet!

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