Seafood cakes! – 10/4/16

Our entire dinner consisted of seafood cakes, corn, and coleslaw but I made the corn first (2 large ears in a plastic bag with some butter and microwaved 5 minutes, so easy!) and we totally devoured it before I even thought about my camera.

Demolished corn

Demolished corn

Here is how the rest of the meal happened. We had a small piece of cod and a few shrimp in the freezer that needed using. I made crab-type cakes out of them after chopping them up and adding previously cooked onions and carrots, plus some parsley, panko breadcrumbs, an egg, a dollop of mayo, and some Old Bay and salt. While we ate the corn I let the cakes firm up in the refrigerator.

To cook, John browned them in a pan and finished them in the oven. They were a little dry due either to not enough fat or maybe too hard a sear but tasty nonetheless. I made some coleslaw with leftover cabbage from taco night and spiced it up with siracha. We made a whole dinner out of bits and pieces and leftovers! The only new ingredient was the corn.

Seafood cake with spicy coleslaw and greens

Seafood cake with spicy coleslaw and greens

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