A rare steak – 1/13/17

Yes, we rarely have steak and we rarely have a steak so rare!

Ribeye steak with grilled potato and "seasonal" vegetables

Ribeye steak with grilled potato and “seasonal” vegetables

On Thursday and Friday we traveled to St. George, Utah for a little fun in the sun. Most of the way here it rained furiously and it is still raining today (Saturday). So much for sun. But we can have fun anywhere and part of yesterday’s fun was going to the grocery store and John negotiating with the butcher to cut him just the steak he wanted.

Our grill at home has a propane tank and the one here is natural gas. Propane cooks hotter and unfortunately John did not leave the steak on long enough. Fortunately after we ate the bits that were cooked enough to eat, we have a lot of steak leftover which we can use for another day.

I microwaved the potato until it was almost done and then oiled it up and John stuck it on the grill. We always laugh at “seasonal vegetables” because when you get them at a restaurant they are usual a dismal mound of summer squash, baby carrots (ugh), and the odd piece of broccoli. My seasonal vegetables were tasty sliced carrots, garlic, onions, mushrooms, and a good bit of broccoli all sautéed together until just crisp-tender.

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