Fajitas – 1/18/17

Fajitas are a Tex-Mex dish and the word “fajitas” means little strips of meat.  In the recipes I looked at most called for skirt steak but what we had was leftover ribeye steak from the “too rare” night. Unfortunately ribeye doesn’t translate well into fajitas. The flavor of the sauce overwhelmed the more subtle beef flavor. Dinner was enjoyable anyway.

Leftover steak fajitas

Leftover steak fajitas with Mexican-ish rice

I jazzed up some Rotel to add to the leftover rice medley and to use as salsa on the fajitas. That’s not sour cream, it is crema made from non-fat yogurt with some salt and cumin. Wish this had been better but it was still fun to eat.

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