My First Vegan Day (I think) – 1/17/17

Today I made a conscious effort to have a total vegan day.  Maybe I have eaten vegan at other times by happenstance. Today I decided to keep my diet plant based. For breakfast I had peanut butter on toast.  For lunch I had hummus, tabbouleh, and salad with pita.  Now I just needed to keep it going.

I saw a recipe on the New York Times cooking site that I thought would be tasty and could be adapted to be vegan and decided to give it a try.

Lentil soup with lemon, an adaptation of a New Yourk Times Cooking recipe

Lentil soup with lemon, an adaptation of a New York Times Cooking recipe

This recipe, I thought, would work well in case John wanted to put some sausage in it. The original recipe called for red lentils and some chicken stock. I used brown lentils and water. I bulked up the the vegetables and as it turned out John was okay with no meat. Here’s the original recipe  –

Aothough I am more of carnivore and probably definitely more of vegetarian than a vegan, I enjoyed my day and think it would be good to incorporate one of these days into each week.

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