A raw deal, sushi – dining out – 5/12/17

We went out to dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. Sushi and sashimi are the dieter’s friend as you probably know. So it seemed like a good choice. I guess my biggest complaint about the place we went to is that I don’t know so much about the various menu choices and I need time to read through everything so I know what I want. Immediately after sitting down they wanted to take our order. After we sent the waitperson away she came back every two or three minutes wanting to know if we were ready. It made the whole dining experience pretty frantic.

Here is what we ordered –

First we got some edame

Next wakame which is a seaweed salad and very tasty

A little hamachi appetizer sashimi

Finally a roll – this one is John’s, it was called “Hole-In-One”

My roll is in the background. It was called “Big Mac” for no apparent reason except maybe because it had sesame seeds on top? I took some of mine home. It was just too much.

Every once in a while I feel like going out for Japanese food but I did not really find it very satisfying even though I got full before I could finish. I think I am more of a pizza and pasta kind of person.

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