Spaghetti with meat sauce – 8/26/17

OMG, I made such a delicious red sauce with ground beef! Nothing fancy but so good! As frequently happens when I make something this delicous I just dive in and forget to take a picture. Trust me, this was a great dinner. I ate too much of it and paid by waking up during the night with indigestion.  Will I ever learn?

BTW, one secret to my great sauce is browning the meat with too much dried oregano. I thought it was a shake top but it wasn’t and a lot of oregano fell on the meat. Turns out it made the sauce delicious.

Here’s a picture from April, 2016. It looks pretty similar.

Spaghetti with meat sauce

As a bonus here’s a picture of a super salad I ate on vacation from Artisan Fire in Great Falls, MT. The condiments on the lettuce greens are mostly preserved in some way. That’s a really smart way to make a salad using ingredients which are not going to go bad.

Delicious salad from Artisan Fire, Great Falls, MT

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