Freezer foraging plus vacation fare – 8/25/17

Fresh spring rolls from Krung Thep, Idaho Falls

Here’s another good choice from the appetizer portion of the menu. These are fresh vegetarian spring rolls with a peanut sauce from Krung Thep, a Thai restaurant in Idaho Falls, ID. They were delicious and beautiful too.

My food might not be restaurant quality but I do try to use some restaurant methods, like  cutting all my stuff up first so I am ready when I start cooking. Along with the freezer foraging which I will discuss in a minute, I am still trying to use the bits and pieces I have left over.

Ready, set, cook!

So here we have a couple of spears of asparagus that I did not use in the stir fry or the pasta this week, leftover rice from the fried rice night, corn that I stripped off a cob when I bought three instead of two ears of corn for dinner on Wednesday, a half of a roasted golden beet from recent salads and the usual staples of onions, carrots, celery, and garlic.

I make kind of succotash out of the asparagus and corn for one side dish and extended rice with a bunch of the rest of the vegetables.

In the meantime, meat man, is grilling up lamb chops. I am tired of looking at all this meat getting freezer burn and I want to clean out the freezer. In addition to the lamb chops in the freezer, we have a piece of pork, some chicken breasts, a steak, and two large containers of what John has labeled “carnitas goo.” These things will be featured in the next few weeks of Dining Lite. While I am still trending toward a more vegetable based meal plan, I do have to take into consideration what I have in the freezer and the fact that John really likes to eat meat.

Grilled lamb chops with asparagus/corn succotash and rice with vegetables


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