Make a lighter version of a restaurant dish you liked – 8/27/17

Black tiger shrimp (6) sautéed in butter and shallots, flamed with Sambuca. Served with two grilled baguette spears.

Here is something I liked from the Tonic Kitchen+Bar at the Applause Hotel by CLIQUE at the Calgary, Alberta airport. Since we were staying out of Calgary near the airport, we did not have a lot of choices on where to eat. And, we were there for three days. I think during those days we tried most of the menu and we found these shrimp on the last day on the appetizer menu. They were delicious but I wanted more sauce and I wanted it to be less fatty.

When we made our home recipe,  John deshelled the shrimp and added some shells we had in the freezer to make a shrimp stock. (It’s quick only takes 1/2 hour! But you could also use clam juice or even chicken stock.)  He sauteed onion and garlic with some herbs in a mixture of butter and oil (not too much.) He adds Pernod to the mixture and cooks it off. Now this enhanced stock is the poaching liquid for the shrimp.

In the meantime I make some couscous because it will be good for sopping up the stock and broccoli because, duh, vegetables. We still need a few tweaks, maybe more butter. Nonetheless this was a very good dish.

Our version of drunken shrimp with couscous and broccoli


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