Turkey sausage with Texas caviar – 8/28/17

I have been craving a hot dog type meal since we went to the baseball game in Great Falls, MT. The hot dogs there were a real disappointment.

Great Falls Voyagers vs. Ogden Raptors

I expect a steamed hot dog at a ball game. This one seems grilled and then held until it is shriveled. So it is high time for some sort of hot dog.

What is wrong with me lately? I get so excited about a favorite food that I keep forgetting to take a picture. Trust me, it looks like a turkey sausage sliced longitudinally sitting on a hot dog roll with mustard, relish, and onions. I made Texas caviar to go with it. Here’s a picture of the Texas caviar with some grilled portobello mushrooms I made awhile ago.

Portobello mushroom burgers with goat cheese, roasted red pepper and grilled onion, served open-faced with arugula and accompanied by Texas caviar and cole slaw

Just a tip while you are trying to pare down what you have been eating. If you have a craving for something, do not deny yourself. Try to find a way to eat it but eat it in a more controlled way. Instead of a fatty hot dog I choose to have a turkey sausage. Instead of pork and beans from a can I choose to make a salad full of healthy fresh vegetables and complex carbohydrates. There is no reason to totally deprive yourself. That will only lend to binging.

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