Jazzed up vegetables. 10/1/17

I have been through a week of doctor’s appointments after getting a physical on Tuesday, blood tests on Wednesday, and a CT scan on Thursday. Try as she might, my doctor cannot find anything significant wrong with me. There are a couple of things though. First she wants me to lose weight and exercise more. Duh. And, I have a vitamin B12 deficiency and will need injections. So I should eat better and more B12 friendly food. I guess this means I need to eat more protein.

Lamb chops with leek and mushroom broccoli, and combo mash of root vegetables

Mixing a standard vegetable like broccoli with leek and mushrooms made the broccoli more exciting to eat. Combining butternut squash in with rutabaga made the rutabagas sweeter. I enjoyed both of these jazzed up vegetables. I ate one of the lamb chops. Two was one too many. I am not used to eating a lot of meat.

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