Trying a new veggie burger. 11/4/17

First a little business – John and I are leaving for Utah tomorrow. I will not have a new post until Monday, 11/6.

Since John and I have decided to make an unplanned trip to Utah my lunch today was basically a lot of bits and pieces from the fridge. I made my lunch from some quite old couscous, the remainder of baked tofu, and some of the vegetables that I had cut up for crudités on dinner party night. I dressed it with soy sauce. I enjoyed this invention and it was filling.

Couscous, baked tofu, and vegetables with soy sauce

For dinner we ditched our original chickpea stew plan  and I suggested burgers. John was happy for a chance to eat meat and I was looking forward to trying some new veggie burgers. The burger comes from Trader Joe’s and the brand is Quinoa Cowboy. It was okay although a bit too sweet and mushy. We also had some Alexia onion rings which I found tasteless.

Quinoa Cowboy burger with tomato, lettuce, and onion plus Alexia onion rings




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