More adventures from the road. 11/6/17

I am finding vegan eating difficult while traveling. I am sure that if I looked hard enough I could find places that cater to vegans but out here in the Nevada/Utah area near the freeways you just do your best.

Breakfast at the hotel was a thin piece of whole wheat bread and peanut butter and some cereal.

Lunch was at a Mexican place where I was hoping for rice and beans but got talked into the Monday special, street tacos. They told me they would be vegetarian so I said sure. I figured it would be rice and beans and some toppings on small corn tortillas. It turned out to be greasy cabbage and bell peppers on fried corn tortillas with some rice and beans on the side. I put the vegetables on top of the rice and beans.

Vegetarian street tacos (or plate of greasy cabbage and bell peppers)

We did a little shopping when we got to St. George but were not really hungry for a full-fledged dinner. I had an egg and a soy breakfast patty (Morningstar brand.) We call them snausages and I think they are pretty tasty.

Soy breakfast patty and fried egg on a whole wheat English muffin.


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