Treat yourself! 11/7/2017

I am so glad to be in my own kitchen again! Now I can control what I eat.

I decided to treat myself at lunch and make something a little more complex than the usual leftovers or sandwich. Using the microwave I boiled 2 ounces of spaghetti. (Yes, you can use the microwave to do this. You just need to add a couple of extra minutes to the time on the package.)  While that was perking along I sauteed a little onion, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes in some olive oil and flavored it with salt, chili flakes and oregano. I added the pasta to the sauce along with some pasta water to complete the dish. Yum, what a great lunch!

Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and onions

For dinner we finally had the chickpea stew which was actually on our menu for Saturday night. I just was not feeling it then. So a lot of the components made the trip to Utah in the cooler and it was time to get them eaten! I got the recipe from New York Times Cooking. On their site it is called Chickpea Stew with Orzo and Mustard Greens. I use ditalini instead of orzo and just buy a bag of pre-washed baby kale, or spinach, whatever.

Chickpea stew with ditalini and kale


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