Using tofu and flaxseed + chicken parm and spaghetti. 11/8/17

Since my recent physical I have been trying to eat more foods that will have the effect of lowering blood sugar and cholesterol. My doctor suggested eating flaxseed and going with a more plant based diet. In reading up on flaxseed it appears to be a wonder super food. Try googling it and check out all the benefits.

In the morning we put it in our oatmeal (another food for lowering cholesterol) and I also add blueberries. This breakfast is so healthy!

For lunch I was planning on some defrosted Autumn Soup. I decided to make tofu croutons to put on top. I baked some extra firm tofu that I had squished the water out of, seasoned it with soy sauce and olive oil, and then coated it with flaxseed meal. (I use Bob’s Red Mill brand.)

Flaxseed meal encrusted tofu croutons

These were not super crunchy but they were chewy and gave a nice texture to the soup.

Autumn soup with tofu croutons

Because I am not doctrinaire about my vegan/vegetarian diet, tonight’s dinner is a mixed green salad, sous vide chicken breast served ala parmigiana, and served with spaghetti.

Chicken Parmesan with a mixed salad and spaghetti



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