Friday’s fabulous fish fare. 12/1/17

Does everyone cook as much as I do? Are you taking the easier route of dining out or ordering in? It seems like I cook an awfully lot. I did have lunch out once last week but that’s it. Daughter treats herself to lunch almost every day. I would like to find some nearby places where I could get a good vegan lunch. Maybe I will make that a New Year’s Resolution!

Ho-hum oatmeal glop for breakfast followed by the all-American lunch, soup and sandwich.  Probably not too many Americans are eating my soup and sandwich lunch though. I prepared smashed chickpeas with olive oil and lettuce for my pita pocket and had the remainder of the cauliflower soup with tofu croutons.

Cauliflower soup with tofu croutons and chickpea pita pocket

We found a fabulous-looking piece of cod at Safeway and decided upon roasted cod with chickpea purée, parsley sauce, and haricot vert for dinner. John roasted the fish until just done in the oven at 400F and I whizzed up the sauce and the chickpeas with olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice. I gave the beans a quick steam with some sliced garlic and finished with a pat of butter. This was pretty elegant for a Friday night.

4 oz. of fish camouflaged by chickpea purée plus haricot vert and parsley sauce

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