Hamburgers and tabbouleh. 4/19/18

Some American food with a Mediterrean side made for a tasty dinner. John seasoned the burgers with salt and pepper and also added a little baking soda to help the meat stay juicy. Although they were a little more medium than medium rare when they came off the grill, the baking soda had done its job and they were juicy and delicious. I always eat any type of sandwich open faced and burgers are no exception. Also using a knife and fork slows you down.

Open-face hamburger with onion and lettuce, side of tabbouleh

I used a Lebanese tabbouleh recipe that I got from the NYT Cooking site. I like it a lot. Unfortunately it wasn’t until I was part way into it that I realized I did not have mint or enough lemon. We ate it but it was not as good as it usually is. I have half of it left so tomorrow I am going to run out to the store and pick up the missing ingredients.

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