Roast cod with parsley sauce and chickpea purée. 5/31/18

This dinner has a lot of moving parts. There is a parsley sauce, a chickpea purée, the cod itself, and we added a vegetable, Brussels sprouts. The recipe suggests that you make the  parsley sauce in the blender and chickpea purée in the food processor. That is too many gadgets to wash! I made them both in the food processor. John roasted the cod in the oven after marinating it. You can find the recipe for this dish on the Food and Wine website. Actually the only thing that did not turn out as well as we would have wished was the cod. We had thawed individually frozen cod portions but the fish had lost its internal structure and ended up spongy. Make this with fresh fish if possible.

Roast cod with chickpea purée and parsley plus sauteed Brussels sprouts

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