Sous vide 3-Cup Chicken. 10/1/18

Happy October! Our air conditioning is fixed and it looks like lower temperatures (inside and out) are on the way!!

We have made 3-cup chicken before using the America’s Test Kitchen recipe. We have had varying results. Because we are trying to not heat up that house too much, we decide to try making this dish using the sous vide method. I really like this method because it makes the time when you are going to serve the dish so much more flexible without any detriment to the meat.

We use the marinade and the garlic, ginger and oil in the vacuum sealed bag and cook it for about 2 hours at a temperature of 175F. I make the rice in our Instant Pot and sauté the broccoli. We decide not to thicken the cooking liquid as that would have meant using another pot. All in all it turns out pretty well and we will probably do it this way in the future.

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