Chicken enchiladas with spicy black beans. 6/19/19

I am really enjoying making and eating the meals we selected for this week. Each day is so different from the other and the dishes have been easy to prepare and delicious!

On Wednesday we went to Costco and in addition to refurbishing ourselves with paper towels and garbanzo beans, we bought one of their large, inexpensive rotisserie chickens. Upon getting it home I disassembled half the chicken and shredded the meat. This is always more easily done when the chicken is still warm.

Later when John and I were assembling the enchiladas, all I had to do was mix my shredded chicken with some some Herdez salsa verde, cilantro, and a bit of cheese and roll them up in the tortillas that John had given a quick bath in hot vegetable oil to make them pliable. I spread some more sauce and feta cheese over the top and baked them for 15-20 minutes at 375F.

Chicken enchiladas with spicy black beans

The spicy black beans are just a can of black beans mixed with half a can of Rotele, some cilantro, cumin, and hot sauce. I served them on a Romaine leaf to make it look extra fancy.

We made ten. I had two, John ate a bunch of them and our daughter stopped by the kitchen later and had two so there are only two left which I imagine will be John’s lunch today!

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