Pan-seared salmon with tartar/parsley sauce, rice, and snow peas. 9/2/20

Seared salmon with a parsley tartar sauce, rice and cauliflower rice mix, and snow peas

Tonight’s dinner of salmon, rice, and snow peas is really easy and really tasty. John cooked the salmon to perfection. I doubt that it took more than five minutes in the pan. To accompany it I made a tartar and parsley sauce that I know John really likes. I started by making a basic tartar sauce, added some parsley, half a teaspoon of curry powder, and some water to thin it out. The rice was left over from yesterday and I added some cauliflower rice to my portion so I could feel like I had a lot! Our vegetable, snow peas, are super simple. I string them and then they cook for a couple of minutes. I think I could probably serve this dinner to company and they would think, wow, what a nice dinner, and I would be congratulating myself on making a lovely dinner with very little work.

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