Red lentils and rice with broccoli. 9/1/20

Red lentils with rice and broccoli

Oh, it is so good to be home and cooking in my own kitchen and eating my own kind of food. Tonight’s dinner is a porridge-y mix of red lentils, ginger, onions, and garlic with lots of spices in a vegetable stock. I spent a little time earlier in the day chopping up all the ingredients so that all John has to do is saute the vegetables, add the spices, then the washed and picked over lentils and the stock. It cooks in about 15 minutes. We are serving the lentils with some white rice which, for me, is a combination of rice and cauliflower rice. I cook the broccoli until it is just tender  The yellow of the red lentils, the white of the rice, and the green of the broccoli make an appealing palate.

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