Winner, winner, chicken dinner. 9/16/20

September 16 is a celebration day for John and me. It is the day he retired from full-time work in 2002. He has been retired for 18 years! We have had a wonderful time being with each other doing so many exciting things. Until the pandemic he was still “working” but he has been doing the kind of part-time work that makes him happy and keeps his stress level low. Happy Retirement, John!

In addition we are celebrating having reached our weight loss goals. John and I have each lost about 50 lbs. on our diet that we started exactly one year ago. So it is a double celebration day.  Our treat-yourself dinner is delicious sous vide chicken breast, with mushroom gravy, rice, and broccoli. It tastes great and is part of our healthy eating plan.

Sous vide chicken breast with mushroom gravy, rice, and broccoli

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