Middle Eastern Delight (vegan). 9/26/20

Garlic hummus, Lebanese tabbouleh, and pita

Although the parsley-forward Lebanese tabbouleh is quite a lot of work, the hummus, salad mix, olives, and pepperoncini are all ready-made. I got my recipe from NY Times Cooking which is behind a paywall but it easy to find other recipes  via Google. Of course I modified the recipe I used by cutting back on the oil and adding some cucumber at the end. My tabbouleh is quite tart which I really like but I did see John sneaking some additional olive oil.

In addition get some ready made salad greens, a brand of hummus that you like, some jarred olives (I like Castelveltranos), and sliced pepperoncini. Spread the hummus on the pita (my favorite is Toufayan whole wheat), add a dab of the tabbouleh, a ring of pepperoncini, a bit of salad greenery and you will be happy.

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