Grilled flank steak. 10/7/20

Grilled flank steak and half potato with sherries Brussel sprouts

We do not eat much red meat here but when we do flank steak is often our choice. It is a flavorful piece of meat, low fat, and, as long as you cut it across the grain, it is not tough. John did a super job grilling the meat and slicing it beautifully. My portion in the picture above was only 4 oz. but it looks like a lot!

I cooked the potato in the microwave, cut it in half, and then John grilled it. My embarrassing admission, I always eat my baked potato with ketchup. It makes me feel like I am eating French fries!

The Brussel sprouts were cooked in a little water, butter, dry sherry, sugar, and salt. When the water boils away the sprouts get a nice sear on their cut side from the butter left in the pan. The dry sherry gives them a nuttiness, and the little bit of sugar rounds out any bitterness.

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