Shrimp fried rice. 10/22/20

Shrimp fried rice

To streamline this dish I cut up the vegetables in the order that they need to go into the pan and John cooks while I am chopping. After cutting each shrimp in three pieces and removing the tail John marinates the shrimp briefly. He uses sesame oil and soy sauce in the marinade. Vegetables in the stir fry are onion, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, broccoli, and carrots. I also make a quick omelet to put in towards the end of cooking when the cooked rice goes in. All the while John is tasting it and deciding if it needs more soy or sesame oil. When the cooking is done we take turns tasting the completed shrimp fried rice and suggesting what would be best to put in to balance the flavors. Tonight I suggested a little oyster sauce because it needed a touch of sweetness. We really enjoyed this quick, flavorful dinner. There were no leftovers!

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