Instant Pot Cracked Wheat Pulao (Dalia Pulao) 12/11/20

Cracked wheat pulao with vegetables

Cracked wheat is like the bulgur you use for tabbouleh. This is a new recipe and one that we will not be making again. You are supposed to put everything in the Instant Pot and cook it for 5 minutes on high pressure. Then we were told to let the pressure come down on its own which we did not do but rather let it come down partially on its own and then release the rest of the steam. It would not have mattered if we had released the pressure right away instead. It was mush. The vegetables were mush and the cracked wheat was mush. I figure if we want some dish with those spices and vegetables we will make it with dried chickpeas or lentils. Never put vegetables that you do not want to have come out like a purée in the pressure cooker for 5 minutes. They were so sad (especially the broccoli.)

It happens. You try a new recipe and you try to learn something from it if it doesn’t work out. This time I learned never to make this recipe again!

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