Chicken parmesan with linguine and broccoli. 2/5/21

Chicken parmesan with linguine and broccoli

Just a reminder, the pictured food in my blog is my actual dinner plate and I eat all of it every day. In addition to my dinner I eat breakfast and lunch plus enjoy half a bag of popcorn during our faux cocktail hour (no cocktails.) So what I am saying is that it is totally possible to eat a wide variety of delicious dinners and still lose weight. Not depriving yourself is really key if you want to be successful in changing to a healthier lifestyle. I lost 62 pounds in a little over a year and have now maintained my weight loss for 3 months.

Tonight we made chicken parmesan. John did a great job pounding out and cooking the chicken and cooking the pasta. I made the tomato sauce and the broccoli. Making my own sauce means I know exactly what goes into it and I am not sabotaged by added sugars and starches. Broccoli is part of the dinner because vegetables take up room on the plate and fill you up!

I have had pasta three times this week! It has been a good week.

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