All-American taco dinner. 2/28/21

In 2016 we were all threatened, much to our glee, with a taco truck on every corner if we voted for the wrong candidate. Tacos like hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizza have become an American staple served weekly to our children, at sporting events, and at cookouts.  I suppose there are people in the very oldest generation who have not ever eaten a taco but they are probably few and far between.

Fish (halibut) taco, with spicy beans and rice plus tortilla chips

Halibut was looking best at the fish counter here in Southern Utah so it was our fish of choice. John cut it into batons, seasoned it, and pan-fried the pieces. I made the spicy beans and rice adding Rotel pulp into the beans and the liquid into the rice. I also made them tastier with cayenne pepper, cumin, cilantro, onions, bell pepper, and garlic. A diced and seasoned mango augmented the salsa. The corn tortillas were heated up in the oven. At the end of dinner there was not much left over!

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