Pan-seared salmon, new potatoes, veg melange. 3/6/21

Pan-seared salmon, steamed new potatoes, broccoli with kale and carrots

Although Saturdays are usually LFD (Leftovers For Dinner), we did not have any leftovers since we just got back from our vacation. I chose a different route, with the exception of the fish, the vegetables are left over in the refrigerator from before we went away. So this is a dinner including mostly sad, tired veggies combined to make a lively and nutritious dish.

The broccoli perked up in some icy water and I cut away the dried out thick stems of the kale. The two carrot stubs were there mostly to mimic the color of the salmon. The veg, cooked in a little water and finished with some faux butter, also benefited from a squeeze of lemon. The (old) new potatoes needed plenty of salt and also improved with lemon.

John, as usual, did a great job cooking the salmon and salmon always looks great on the plate. This turned out to be a very appealing and healthy dinner.

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