Easter bread and Brussels sprouts. 4/4/21

On Sunday we decided to have our eggs in the form of cake. Our daughter made this delicious yeast cake/bread called Colomba di Pasqua, or dove of Easter in Italian. It was so good! We ate a lot of it.

Her Colomba di Pasqua is supposed to look like a dove but all the examples looked pretty much like blobs. The interior is filled with raisins and citron and the coating is sugar and almonds in syrup.

Because we were pretty much gorging on this sweet Easter bread, I only made Brussels sprouts for a main course. These were my special sprouts which were cut in half and put cut side down in a pan with a little water, a sprinkling of sugar, salt, and with butter dotting the top. Put the lid on and cook until almost tender. Uncover and when the water is nearly evaporated add a little dry sherry. Then the sherry evaporates and the Brussel sprouts caramelize on the cut side in the remaining essence of sherry, sugar, and butter. Yum!

Incredibly yummy Brussels sprouts

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