Seared scallops, new potatoes, leek and zucchini. 11/16/21

Seared sea scallops, steamed new potatoes, sauteed leek and zucchini

Tonight we had a special occasion dinner. Except there was no special occasion. Sometimes it is just nice to treat yourself. A dinner like this for two people including a bottle of wine would probably cost at least $100 at a restaurant. Our dinner clocked in at about $45. Another perk of making your own nice dinner is that you do not have to get dressed up to eat it!

John did his usually great job searing the scallops in two teaspoons of oil. He added a teaspoon or so of butter right at the end. In the meantime I steamed the potatoes and made the tartar sauce. Then I sauteed the leeks with some garlic until they were soft before adding the zucchini for the last couple of minutes.

We opened at bottle of Imagery Winery 2020 White Burgundy to have with our scallops. It was very good and we have decided to serve it for Thanksgiving for those who prefer white wine.

Treat yourself!!

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