Orecchiette with mushrooms and homegrown kale. 11/17/21

Whole grain imported Italian orecchiette with mushrooms and lacinato kale

I decided that today is the day that I should pull out my two kale plants and use the leaves for dinner. My plants have never amounted to much since our back patio gets almost zero sun. I cannot even get flowers to bloom. The kale had a modest amount of leaves and I bought some at the store to supplement my crop.

We discovered the last time we made this orecchiette that it takes a long time to cook, probably about 15 minutes. While John watched the pasta pot, I sauteed the mushrooms and when they were browned I added onions, garlic, and oregano. When the pasta was almost done, I put in the lacinato kale. John then drained the pasta reserving a cup of the pasta water.

Once the orecchiette was added to the mushroom and kale mixture I stirred it around over a medium flame and added the pasta water to make a sort of sauce.

We enjoyed the pasta with orecchiette, mushrooms, and kale very much. Our Pasta Wednesdays are always a favorite since they are so good tasting, satisfying and easy.

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